The BEAST 3860 is a mobile wood shredder available for hire from Spalding Recycling. It is one of the few machines of its kind in the country.

The BEAST is fully portable. It is road legal and requires no permits. Measuring 36 feet long by 8 feet 6 inches wide and 13 feet 3 inches in height the shredder is capable of handling between 100 and 200 tonnes of material per day.

A powerful, conveyor belt fed system makes it easy to process materials such as stumps, brush, logs, pallets, railway sleepers, telephone poles and even whole trees through the 5 feet wide and 4 feet high opening. There is no limit to the length of material that can be handled in one pass.

With BEAST machines being priced up to 200,000 hiring is financially viable.

The BEAST is very versatile and can be adapted to perform as a shredder, grinder and chipper to produce different products for recycling. No flying debris and the fact that material can be fed directly into the machine make the BEAST safe and easy to operate.

Please contact us for an initial discussion of your needs and our rates for hiring the BEAST.